Safety, health and environment

LLP "Buzachi Oil" pays special attention to the health, safety and the environment as well as our work has a direct impact on the environment. Our goal - to ensure safe operation and to do business, without having any adverse effects on man or nature. Minimizing damage to the environment and to ensure a healthy and safe working conditions - fundamental priorities. Below are the steps on these issues:

LLP "Buzachi Oil" skillfully operates in accordance with a rational world practice the exploitation of oil fields.

We choose to prevent harm to personnel and improve its health solutions to our problems.

During any type of work, our staff strives to prevent any work-related injuries, as our employees, and invitees.

The company is making efforts to reduce and minimize environmental damage and contamination during any work related to the production, storage and processing of waste.

The Company evaluates and tries to prevent any kind of possible difficulties and risks at every stage of activity.

We are continuously improving projects to protect the environment in the current and future plans.

The company's activities in accordance with international standards of health, safety and the environment.

LLP "Buzachi Oil" strictly and unswervingly follows all existing safety standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of health protection, labor and personnel, public safety and the environment.

We plan to restore all the places of our activities, so as to leave at least their tracks and to minimize any possible risk.

Disposal of inlet gas

Until 2008, the program will be implemented for gas utilization. This project will minimize any negative impact of the LLP "Buzachi oil" on the environment and improve the environment in the area of ​​the field Karaturun East, Karaturun Sea and Mangistau region as a whole.