Karaturun East 

Oil and gas field Karaturun East is located in north-western part of the peninsula is Buzachi and coastal part of the Gulf of Komsomolets. Administratively located in the Mangistau region 277 km north of Aktau, 180 km from the main pipeline Uzen-Atyrau-Samara. 50 km to the south-west are Karazhanbas and North Buzachi and 30 km from the developed Kalamkas. Surrounding towns are villages: Akshimrau (100 km), Tuschekuduk (75 km) and Shebir (35 km) are associated with the city of Aktau asphalt road.

Exploration work on the area of ​​East Karaturun conducted in 1978 1979g.g., Productivity is set to S-I horizon. Deep drilling and testing of wells in the field were carried out in 1978 1979g.g. expedition "Mangyshlaknefterazvedka." Trade - geophysical surveys were carried out in wells Mangyshlak expedition GIS, laboratory tests were carried out by the Central Laboratory PGE "Gurevneftegazgeologiya."

Status of wells on the date of counting inventory (RK SRC) of the deposit is as follows: all the field "Karaturun East" previously drilled eight exploration wells (№ P-1, 1,3,5,7,8,9,10) 2 of them are in the loop hole Petroleum (№ 1,10). The wells are in the loop petroleum reopen, others eliminated for geological reasons.

2001-2006 - collection and systematization of geological and geophysical data, obtaining the right of subsoil use for exploration, GIS data, data processing, 2D, making exploration project, a comprehensive analysis of geochemical and gravity of materials, technical project for the construction of exploratory wells, drawing project trial operation, preparations for a partial arrangement, reconstruction field roads, construction sites, re-entry wells 1.10 Karaturun East, expanding geological allotment (the right to conduct intelligence was received in 2003.).

2007 - Drilling of wells R-1 on the structure of the North - East Karaturun field Karaturun East, approval of the project trial operation. Test skv.1 Karaturun East.

2008 - commissioning test eksp.skv.1 Karaturun East, 2D seismic exploration work in the amount of 30 linear km, 3D in a 50 sq km (JSC "Kazmorgeofizika"), processing and interpretation of 2D and 3D (LP " PGD ​​Services »), in-1 skv.R Karaturun North East launched ekpl.kolonna and testing, drilled an exploration well R-7 Karaturun Northeast, the depth of 1835m, drilled № 13,12,14 (total yardage 3300m); 

2009 - put into trial operation skv.12, skv.13, 14 pending research. At CDC RK considered the report "Supervision of the project test run." Completed processing and interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic surveys (LLP «PGD Services») held in the of 2008.

2010 - Tests of wells 13 and S-II horizon (not included in the calculation of reserves). In a well conducted 14 cattle associated with the water shutoff and perestrelom in the interval 1023-1028m, the well in anticipation of the development after the cattle.

Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan decided to extend the exploration period of 2 years (up to 30.12.2012g.) (Letter № 14-05-7383 from 15.10.2010g., Minutes № 11 of 01.10.2010.). Work is underway to harmonize and additions to the contract signing.

JSC "NIPIneftegas" Run Report "supervision over the implementation of the PES as of 01.10.2010.", The report considered at TSKRR Kazakhstan where a decision on the extension of the PES to the end-2012 (Minutes № 88 of 14.01.2011g. Working group to review and approval of project documents KGiN MINT RK according meetings TSKRR RK 13.12.2010g.)